Living in Zlatnik is like being at home but with the added comfort of a hotel

Our highly qualified staff is carefully selected to ensure that they offer those qualities that are necessary to work with people. We have created a warm and pleasant atmosphere, where we enjoy life together and use every precious moment in the best way.

People do not come here to grow old, but to live constructively, creatively and actively, all tailored to their needs and possibilities and aligned to their physical well-being, affinities and spiritual needs.

Besides their necessary medical care, we pay special attention to good physical and mental health and to social and cultural life which are equally important.

"Zlatnik" has a pleasant and well-equipped library, it organizes literary evenings and meetings with celebrities, it organizes film screenings at the cinema and drama performances in the theatre.

Its residents have the choice of spending their time relaxing in the salt room, taking nature walks or spending time actively and creatively in one of many workshops.

All of this is just part of the comprehensive service we provide.

People are always the centre of our attention with their habits, needs and desires.